WIN-DIG is a software product from EKIP Technical Techniques Ltd.

WIN-DIG ...... A WINDOWSTM XP INTERFACE TO YOUR DIGITIZER (originally written in 1981 older versions exist but current support is for the 'evolved' XP version only). WIN-DIG can be used for entering maps and graphs into your computer from your digitizer. On-screen 'digitizing' from bit-map images can also be done and is a manual process - the user draws over top a bit-map image which has been registered to the appropriate scale. Win-Dig provides a wide variety of editing options to alter the digitized points, lines and scales. A LINE is a series of points connected by straight line segments (e.g. a contour line, cultural data etc.) while POINTS can either be the constituent elements of a line OR an independent entry on which annotation text may be attached (e.g. well locations etc.). WIN-DIG can calculate the area within any closed contour which implies that numerical integration of plots and volumetric calculations of thickness maps are possible. WIN-DIG set-up is flexible, accommodating most popular digitizers via a basic Serial Port connection OR using the newer WinTab driver based technlogy. WIN-DIG can import contour lines from LandmarkTM, GeographicsTM, PetraTM and other many geologic applications, and the EXODUS reservoir simulator via application specific import routines or generic user defined file format routines. Output from WIN-DIG includes an ASCII file of the coordinate pairs digitized or manually entered. You can export data files for input into programs such as SurferTM EXODUS, RESULTS, any spreadsheet etc. Extensive contact sensitive Help files provide immediate access to the manual. Over 400 copies of WIN-DIG have been sold to domestic and international petroleum companies.


An example map.

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In Zoomed mode with actual line points shown.

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WinDig is currently only available as part of the EXODUS reservoir Simulation Sofware Suite. However, exceptions can be made if a significant interest is shown.

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