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Thermal Wellbore Simulator

  Detailed Segment Modeling of the flow of fluids and energy in the various tubing strings of a vertical or horizontal well.

  Computes the Oil, Water, Gas and Steam Rates in the tubing strings and inflow/outflow to the reservoir.

  Displays the Steady State Pressure, Temperature and Fluid Saturation Profiles in the pipe strings.

  Multiple Choke or Venturi FCDs - Liner or Tubing Deployed

  Computes Null flow points due to convergent or divergent flow automatically.

TWBS V6 Release Updates

-       Easily create multicase data sets for sensitivity evaluation.

-       New Multicase Results module to compare several cases as tables or graphs

-       2 cases can be run simultaneously.

-       Overall Heat Transfer coefficients computed automatically for each segment range.

-       Flow Control Device measured tables of Pressure drop, steam rates and steam quality for steam injection.


TWBS V5 Updates:

-       Steam Circulation Period, Reservoir Temperature can be estimated as function of time using internal heat conduction model,

-       Reservoir Pressure for Steam injection, circulation entered at a datum depth. The reservoir pressure at segment depth will be calculated using fluid gradient from datum depth.

-       Segment Data Table summary color coded by pipe.

-       Review results of Pipe segments color coded by pipe.

-       Improved well schematic for plugged segments.

-       Complete set of Tutorial Movies to learn how to use TWBS

-       Examples: (click on Movie Name to view)


TWBS-Data Preparation-General Tab

Additional movies in Youtube channel


Click on image below to download the TWBS brochure as a .pdf file (will require Adobe Acrobat)

TWBS pdf file


          Steam Circulation

          Steam Injection

          Producer with fixed rate profile or variable rate f(DeltaP)

          Investigate artificial lift such as gas lift or pumps.

          Optimize Injection and Production Flow Distribution, FCD placement.

          Optimize Operating Rates, tubing lengths and sizing.

          Downhole Steam Generation using Electric Heater

          Multicomponent Solvent and Steam Injection



          Enter PVT data for up to 7 components. Internal Steam Tables.

          Import a Well Deviation survey. Automatically subdivide the well trajectory into segments of various lengths

          Specify and enter up to 5 pipes of various lengths and diameters, concentric or side by side.

          Model reservoir boundary conditions. Change reservoir properties permeability, pressure, temperature, saturation along the well length.

          Set the inflow rates of oil, gas, water at each reservoir segment, or calculate the variable influx based on current reservoir and pipe conditions. Offtake and injection points may be set at any segment and offtake/injection pressures specified. Injection rates, steam quality, injection temperature may be set.

          For calibration, observed data versus measured depth can be entered







Tabular Reports select from many series

Graphs plot multiple series for various pipes





Wellbore Schematics colored segments represent parameter values




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